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I am just a mom: a mom of three kids and one of them is hearing impaired. We are a busy family and I am a very busy mom. I want my hearing impaired daughter, Brooke, to have every advantage so I try to incorporate as many lessons and strategies into our every day life. Most of the teaching I do with Brooke is incorporated into our daily routines and parent-directed play. This blog will include some of our formal lessons but mostly it will be learning to listen in the everyday.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kids Clix - Speech Sound Discrimination

Kids Clix is a listening program for listening to the sounds in speech. You can download the program for free from The Hearing Journey.

Once downloaded, your child will begin with a placement test. There are 50 items on the placement test that assess 10 levels. They suggest you begin at the lowest level where you scored 3 out of 5 or less. For Brooke this category is "initial manner" meaning words that have different beginning sounds but the same middle and ending sounds like:
pea, tea, key (voiceless sounds) or bay, day, gay (voiced sounds)

Since this is a computer voice instead of face-to-face human voice, it is more difficult for children with hearing loss.

We will being the program at Level 5: First consonants different by manner of production.

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