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I am just a mom: a mom of three kids and one of them is hearing impaired. We are a busy family and I am a very busy mom. I want my hearing impaired daughter, Brooke, to have every advantage so I try to incorporate as many lessons and strategies into our every day life. Most of the teaching I do with Brooke is incorporated into our daily routines and parent-directed play. This blog will include some of our formal lessons but mostly it will be learning to listen in the everyday.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Humpty Dumpty

a. Teach and memorize Humpty Dumpty
b. focus on rhyming

Points to Remember:
1. Teaching Nursery rhymes have so many benefits for young children. Look here
2. Repeat this nursery rhyme over and over....say it in the morning, during car rides, have your child say it to friends or to grandma on the phone. Get lots of practice this week.
3. Make some hard-boiled eggs before you begin today's lesson.

1. Introduce the rhyme on a poster. I printed the rhyme from Enchanted Learning

I like this poster since it has pictures as well as words. Point to Humpty Humpty and identify him by name. What is Humpty Dumpty? What do you know about eggs? Explain that he sat on a wall; why was he sitting on a wall? Talk about Humpty Dumpty falling off the wall. Who tried to help Humpty Dumpty? Could they fix him? Then read the poster and run your finger under the words and pictures as you read.

2. Have an acting day! With your child, get an egg out of the refrigerator. How does it feel? Cold? What would happen if you dropped it? Let your child draw a face on Humpty Dumpty.

3. Gather the Kings horses and the King's men: we used some My little Ponies and Lego men.

4. Head outside and find a wall for Humpty Dumpty to sit on. Recite the nursery rhyme as you act out Humpty Dumpty.

5. Here is a video of the Nursery Rhyme

6. Now, pull out your hard boiled egg and have it be your turn. Let the hard-boiled Humpty Dumpty fall off the wall. What happened? Why didn't it break? Try it again and again.....I did it 3 times before Jake realized the egg was hard-boiled. Talk about the difference in the eggs?

7. Now, try to put Humpty Dumpty together again with tape and Band Aids.

8. Enchanted Learning also has sequence cards. Have your child color the pictures and then cut them out. After cutting them out, let your child color the pictures. On a 1/2 sheet of construction paper I wrote the numbers 1-4. Have your child put the picture in order and then glue them on the sheet as first, second, third and fourth

Once the cards are in order, say a line of the rhyme and ask your child to point to the correct scene on the cards. For example, say "All the King's horses and All the Kings' men." Your child should then point to the 3rd scene card.

9. Create a little book for your child to read. Having your child "read" a book will help her practice memorizing the rhyme as well as give her the confidence that she can read! Download mine here

1. Put on a puppet show. Use your own puppets or print puppets from the Enchanted Learning website.

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